PRAIRIE JUSTICE : The Greg Sanders Vigilante Podcast

Ep 17 – Leading Comics #2, Spring 1942, Chapter 7 of 7, The Seven Soldiers “Beware the Black Star Shines: Conclusion

August 21, 2021


Original Radio Play of The Seven Soldiers of Victory in “Beware the Black Star Shines: Conclusion  – Chapter 7 of 7, Leading Comics #2, Spring 1942

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Music Excerpts Used

  • Opening Stinger– “Nashville Just Wrote Another Cheatin’ Song” – Midnight Rodeo Band
  • “Magnificent Seven Theme” – Elmer Bernstein
  • “Light Cavalry Overture” – Von Suppe, composer
  • “Cosmic Cowboy” – Michael Murphy
  • Closing Stinger – “The Last of the Singing Cowboys”, Marshall Tucker Band

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